Tata Steel a key business and decarbonization partner for Port

Tata Steel and the Port of Cleveland recently both took part in the Green Shipping Corridor Network’s first working group session at the U.S. Department of Transportation in Washington, DC.

The focus is track emissions within the Great Lakes Seaway System as it drives towards decarbonization aspirations. Tata is the Port of Cleveland’s largest steel importer and client at the general cargo terminal.

Kevin Tyszkiewicz, Tata’s North American Logistics and Operations Manager, said Tata is firmly committed to decarbonization, just as the Port of Cleveland is.

“When we we talk to our supply chain partners and our business partners, we have a vested interest in both us and them doing green initiatives. It’s not just the end goal that’s important, but how do you get there? You can’t wait for others to find a solution,” said Tyszkiewicz.

“We’ve been encouraged that the Port of Cleveland has taken a leadership position within the Great Lakes on climate initiatives.”

He noted that Tata has been importing to the U.S. for more than 60 years “and Cleveland is core to our business.”