Cleveland-Europe Express

Transatlantic Shipping

The Cleveland-Europe Express provides a competitive transit time advantage for cargo owners that typically move goods through coastal ports. This route connects the northern region of Europe to the entire Great Lakes Region, linking key European ports like Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg and various ports in the United Kingdom to the Port of Cleveland. The Port of Cleveland is the first major U.S. port of call on the Great Lakes, connecting half of all U.S. households, businesses and manufacturing plants within an 8-hour drive of the port. Offering direct access to America’s Heartland, the Port of Cleveland’s hinterlands — the major markets in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois (i.e. Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Chicago) that are directly accessible by just one day of trucking — provide access to a well-established and addressable 1.7 million TEU market.

The Spliethoff Group

The Spliethoff Group is the largest ship owner in the Netherlands with a fleet of over 100 multipurpose vessels. The Dutch ice-classed ships that can sail through the Seaway operate a direct scheduled service between Cleveland and Antwerp with an average sailing time of 13 days. The Spliethoff Group has immediate connections from the Port of Antwerp to Russia, Finland, Spain, UK and the Baltic states.


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