The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, hereinafter called the Port Authority, is a body corporate and politic created pursuant to Chapter 4582 of the Ohio Revised Code and the exercise by such Port Authority of the powers conferred upon it, including those provided in this Tariff, are deemed to be essential governmental functions of the State of Ohio. Rates, Rules and Regulations applying at Port Authority facilities in the Port of Cleveland are those published in this Tariff of the Port Authority, issued under the authority of its Board of Directors. The Port Authority reserves the right to amend this Tariff, or any item or part thereof, provided, however, that, before any such amendments are adopted, ten (10) days advance notice of consideration by the Board of adoption of the Resolution authorizing such amendments will be given to parties requesting in writing such notice. Insofar as possible, changes will be made effective on a calendar year basis.

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