Bulkhead Condition Assessment

As part of the Port’s stewardship of the ship channel, the Port conducts annual above-the-waterline visual inspections and periodic below-the-waterline inspections of the over 83,000 linear feet of bulkheads and other retaining structures bordering the Cuyahoga River Federal Navigation Channel. These retaining structures are critical for keeping the ship channel clear and safe for vessels while also protecting the property’s land from erosion. Retaining structures are assigned a rating from 1 (Critical) to 6 (Good).

Ratings are based on the structural integrity of the retaining structure and are further detailed below:

6 – Good No problems or only minor problems noted. Structural elements may show some very minor deterioration, but no overstressing observed.
5 – Satisfactory Minor to moderate defects and deterioration observed, but no overstressing observed.
4 – Fair All primary structural elements are sound, but minor to moderate defects and deterioration observed. Localized areas of moderate to advanced deterioration may be present but do not significantly reduce the load bearing capacity of the structure.
3 – Poor Advanced deterioration or overstressing observed on widespread portions of the structure but does not significantly reduce the loading carrying capacity of the structure.
2 – Serious Advanced deterioration, overstressing, or breakage may have significantly affected the load bearing capacity of primary structural elements. Local failures are possible and loading restrictions may be necessary.
1 – Critical Very advanced deterioration, overstressing, or breakage has resulted in localized failure(s) of primary structural elements. More widespread failures are possible or likely to occur and load restrictions should be implemented as necessary. 

Parcel information and inspection findings can be found in the following interactive map. Click HERE to view the map in full screen. 

Note, the Port’s inspections are high level in nature and are meant only to provide an overview of the state of bulkheads along the ship channel. Individual property owners are encouraged to consult with a professional engineering firm for additional inspections and surveys prior to taking any action.

A summary of the most up-to-date ratings is as follows: