William D. Friedman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Bio    216-377-1339


Melisa K. Freilino, Manager, Executive & Administrative Operations



Carly Beck, Senior Manager of Planning, Environment, and Information Systems


Rhonda Winslow, Vice President of Development Finance 216-377-1335


Patrick Garber, Industrial Journeyman Millwright


Rick Edberg, Industrial Fleet & Operations Manager


Tom Lesniak, Industrial Maintenance Technician


Matthew Wenham, Chief of Engineering & Capital Development, 216-377-1342

David S. Gutheil, Chief Commercial Officer, 216-377-1363


Jared Magyar, Vice President, Operations and Facilities, 216-377-1353


Carl Naso, Chief Financial Officer, 216-377-1340


Margaret Rivalsky, Vice President & Controller, 216-377-1346


Renee SnipesSenior Accountant, 216-377-1344


Linda Sternheimer, Senior Vice-President, Urban Planning & Engagement, 216-377-1348


Garth Woodson, Director, Development Finance & Inclusion, 216-377-1351


Maria Bocanegra, Chief Legal Officer, 216-377-1345


Justina Dugan, Senior Accountant, 216-377-1334


Kierra Cotton, Manager, Marketing & Communications, 216-377-1343