The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority (“CCCPA”) is seeking proposals for an Owners Representative/ Construction Management and Inspection Services for the Irishtown Bend Rehabilitation and Stabilization project. CCCPA intends to award this contract in May 2022. 

Please review FAQs about the RFP here: 

Considering the plans have yet to be posted on the Port’s website is there any chance of extending the deadline for this submission?

The deadline for questions has been extended to close of business April 13, 2022 at 5pm. The deadline for submission has been extended to Tuesday, April 19, 2022 2pm.

Under Scope of Services (8. Manage OEC Coordination meetings), please define OEC.

Owner/ Engineer/ Construction

In the plans, the S000 Structural General Notes call for Special Inspection Agency to be retained and controlled by the Contractor. This is not permitted by the attached referenced International Building Code.

The question is a result of the Port issuing an RFP for the Owner’s Rep and Construction Inspection services. The procurement of the Special Testing Agency has not fully been determined and it may be procured through this contract with the selected OR/CI firm or other contracts.  The International Building Code does not apply to this project, but the Structural General Notes will be modified to reflect changes in the 100% drawing set as required.

Under Item 10 Financial Information (Prime Consultant Only) please advise if the item “Provide the amount of credit available for this project” is applicable for this RFQ? We have not seen this on traditional CM contracts.  If so, please provide additional clarification/details for this request. 

The request for credit available may be provided with a listing of the amount of credit available at your financial institution. The financial information is intended to provide assurance that the firm will be financially healthy for the term of this project.

Prior to entering into negotiations of contract terms with the most qualified team and as an extension of the review of the firm’s qualifications, the Port reserves the right to request and receive the firm’s most current financial statement and may perform a review which shall be submitted as confidential and promptly returned to the firm. As a result of such review, the Port may decide to 1) continue to commence negotiations with the firm; 2) may enter into negotiations with the firm ranked next most qualified, or continue to commence negotiations with the firm with financial conditions.

Under Item 10, Financial Information (Provide the amount of credit available for this project), please explain what level of credit the owner is looking for and the reasoning for providing the information.

See answer to question 3

Would the CCCPA be able to provide us with this project’s Owners Representative / Construction Management services agreement to review?   

Not at this time

Can CCCPA please provide an updated link to allow us to download these construction documents?

With respect to Item 7 under “Consultant Information”, are three projects being requested for the Prime AND each Subconsultant (i.e., 6 projects if the team consists of a prime and one sub) OR is it three total projects for the team collectively (prime and subs).

Prime and sub unless they are the same project.

Under that same question, since this is a CM/CI project, do we need to include the Engineer’s Estimate ($) for each project?

We’d like to get an idea of how bids may have differed from engineers’ estimates and how the final project cost did or didn’t differ from either or those numbers.

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